Mid-City Roller Rink 'World On Wheels' Set To Reopen This Summer w/ Help From Nipsey Hussle

That's right!

If you remember roller skating at World On Wheels in Mid City, you're about to relive all your younger years when the infamous rink opens back up this Summer.

According to LA Weekly, "Tommy Karas, the new owner of the business, says he signed a lease on the building last fall and has been working since to gut and renovate the place into what he calls “a 2017 version of a roller rink, to the highest end.” He’s still waiting on licensing from the city — including the potential of a liquor license — and expects the opening is at least a month away."

LA Rapper Nipsey Hussle is working with Karas to bring the rink back to life. They're hoping to create a venue where locals and celebrities alike will come together to hang out, eat, and skate.

(pictured above: Karas and Nipsey)

“I don’t think roller rinks are dead,” Karas says. “I think the owners of roller skating rinks are dead.”

OK then!

Check out more details about the grand re-opening below:

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