Lil Yachty Responds To Joe Budden Diss On Twitter

Joe Budden and Lil Yachty are beefin'.

Budden's being very vocal about how much he dislikes Yachty's music, and Yachty doesn't like it.

Yesterday, Budden said "I don’t think that Yachty is hip-hop," on an episode of Everyday Struggle. "I don't think that Yachty's label is hip-hop. When you're not hip-hop and you're trying to just troll or exploit, you get things like this."

He was triggered by Yachty's newest Teenage Emotions album album cover.

Yachty finally responded via Twitter, directing his fans towards Lil B's Joe Budden diss track on Soundcloud.

Budden did respond, however the tweet has since been deleted. 

From what we hear, it was a swift "F*** your mood."

Who's winning?

photo via Getty

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