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Details are emerging about what led to Chris Brown's early exit from a Malibu rehab facility. 

According to a probation report obtained by, while working on his anger issues at the facility, the singer was kicked out after only two weeks for allegedly throwing a rock through the window of his mother's car. 

The incident took place earlier this month when Chris' mom was at the center for a family counseling session.  Apparently, she tried to encourage him to stay in rehab for extended treatment.  That apparently set Chris off. 

The report also lists Chris' prognosis as "very guarded" unless he continues therapy and has a strong network of supporters going forward.  It also revealed that Chris has previously battled Attention Deficit Disorder and depression.  

During a court appearance Wednesday, Chris Brown was ordered to spend the next 90-days in a residential rehab facility for anger management. 

While at the facility, Chris will be subjected to drug testing and will have to take any prescription medication that the facility recommends.  

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