SAN DIEGO (CNS) - In his first statement in almost two weeks, the Irvine-based lawyer for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner said today an announcement would  be made following a closed session City Council meeting tomorrow, in which members of the panel will consider a proposed settlement of a lawsuit filed by  Filner's former communications aide.

The statement from attorney James Payne read: ``Mayor Filner returned to  work in his office at City Hall on (Wednesday).

``At the conclusion of three days of mediation before (Judge) Lawrence  Irving, Mayor Filner and representatives of the city of San Diego reached a  tentative agreement,'' Payne said. ``Due to the confidential nature of  mediation and settlement discussions, we are unable to comment or make  statements about any of the terms.

``A meeting of the City Council is scheduled for (1 p.m. Friday), at  which time it is expected that the City Council will vote on the tentative  agreement. A public announcement will be made following the vote,'' he said.

The City Council is obligated to publicly disclose any decisions made in  closed session.

It has been widely reported that Filner will resign if the council  approves the settlement with Irene McCormack Jackson, the first of 18 women to  publicly accuse the mayor of sexual harassment. She sued for unspecified  damages.

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