YG Covers Bullett Magazine

YG covers the latest issue of BULLETT. Check out an excerpt from the interview below.

Tell me about your most recent single, “Pop it Shake It.” Why’d you decide to team up with DJ Mustard again?

Me and DJ Mustard just really wanted to get back to our roots—make the type of songs that got us where we’re at today. I usually have a lot of songs for the females—ass shaking ratchet shit. So we decided to do that together.

You’ve been really outspoken about politics. Why is that?

I mean, I’m no politician—I can’t even talk and act like I am. But I’m into this shit because it’s a part of our lives. Look, we got leaders that don’t give a shit, trying to control who we are. It’s not like I’m on the regular reading about politics, going online looking up the latest shit. But when I see what’s happening in the world, I’m going to say it how I feel.

You obviously had something to say about Donald Trump.

I just feel like Donald Trump was getting too crazy—he was back-to-back just fucking up everything. So me and the homie Nipsey [Hussle] were talking about doing a project called Two of America’s Most Wanted and knew we had to have a song called “Fuck Donald Trump.” It was just about reacting to what was really going on at that time. That’s how we felt, so we made a record about it—we out here, we take risks. We ain’t playing.

Do you think rap is a good place to talk about real things, like the current political climate? I feel like there are a lot of posers in the industry who just say what they think everyone else wants to hear.

There’s just a lot of posers in the whole world. But at the same time, shit’s changing—the whole game, the whole industry is evolving and you can’t be mad at what your world gravitates to more. Rap music—and art, period—is just a place to express yourself. So whatever artist it is, whatever they’re putting out there—I think they shouldn’t worry so much about it, as long as it’s really what they want and how they feel. That’s what art is—however in your mind you’re feeling, you’ve got to let it out. That’s why we do paintings, make albums, drop clothing lines—it’s all about getting what you have to say out there, even if just for yourself.

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