The Dirtiest And Cleanest Beaches Here In California

Orange County Coastline

Photo: Getty Images

An annual “report card” that was released yesterday by the organization, Heal the Bay, gave us a ranking of the cleanest and dirtiest beaches along California’s coast.

The organization looked at 700 beaches along the West Coast and graded each on of them, based on bacterial pollution.

It gave 94% of California beaches grades of A or B for water quality during the dry summer period between April and October 2021. Meanwhile, the dry winter period from November 2021 through March 2022 saw a slightly below average of 88% of beaches receiving A and B grades. 

Last year, 35 out of over 500 beaches that were monitored made it on the “Honor Roll” list and this year, we were able to get 51 beaches on that list. Those beaches were able to get an A+ for all seasons and weather conditions.

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