Cardi B Explains Why She Bought Kulture A $150K Necklace

Cardi B is being called out by fans for the lavish birthday gift she bought for her daughter, Kulture.

The rapper gifted her daughter a Elliot Eliantte necklace that came with several charms including a Chanel and a diamond "K". The necklace is said to cost roughly $150K.

Several people have shown their distaste for the gift. One person said, "Kulture got my whole tuition around her neck". Another person wrote, "I just hope they are investing the same amount on her education".

Cardi clapped back and said, "Yes why not? Princess parties, unlimited toys, vacations and pools my kid loves the pool and I went to the pool like 5 times in my childhood. Different flavor cereal not just Raisin Bran".

Offset, Kulture's father, also gave her a watch that cost $250,000 for her birthday.

What do you think about Cardi B giving her daughter that expensive of a necklace for her 3rd birthday? Is it too much to give a 3 year old? Is it a big deal if she has the money to do it?

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