Are people falling in love with their Peloton instructors?

The thirst for Peloton instructors is very real.....and we can blame it on the pandemic. Many of us have been stuck inside for almost a year now with limited access to meeting new people. There the typical ways; social media, dating apps, etc. but that can get old really fast. At the same time with gym access being limited many people have purchased exercise equipment like a Peloton in order to stay in shape. As people continue to take peloton bike, treadmill or conditioning classes they begin to form a bond with their instructors.

to an article in "inside hook" Peloton instructor Jess King, says, “I feel deeply honored and touched that I am a part of peoples’ lives. If I can bring a sense of empowerment, entertainment and laughter into someone’s day during our time together, I feel fulfilled. We’re all going through our own version of discomfort during this pandemic. Peloton helps us all feel less alone.” 

If you don't believe her just search the hashtag #inlovewithpelotoninstructor and check out some of the posts....

At this point I think most of us will do anything we can to get some human adult conversation...even if it's with a Peloton instructor...just don't fall too hard in love.