After 25 years since Selena Quintanilla’s untimely passing- a podcast titled ‘Selena: A Star Dies In Texas’ goes in depth with interviews from Selena Quintanilla’s family and her inner circle, along with interviews with Yolanda Saldivar and her family.

In an episode titled “March 31, 1995” it goes in depth of the day of what went down the day Selena was shot. Accounts from employees, people that were staying in the motel, and even archived audio of the standoff between Yolanda Saldivar and the police.

Selena’s right hand woman when it came to helping her make her dresses come to life- recounts her troubles with Yolanda Saldivar and the warning signs she saw as Yolanda became “possessive.”

There’s also a new interview with Yolanda and where she speaks on what happened between her and Selena the day of March 31,1995.

Full Audio Podcast available here:

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