Kanye West Releases Video For 'Follow God' Featuring His Dad

An unexpected guest made an appearance in Kanye West’s latest music video - his dad.

The rapper just released "Follow God,", the first video from his new album Jesus is King.

You'll see Ray West and his son walking through snow and driving ATV's on Kim and Kanye’s $14 million dollar ranch in Wyoming.

On set of the video Ray asked his son how many acres the ranch is, and Kanye told him 4,000. His father’s response was simply, “A black man?” Kanye says that it took him 42 years to realize that his dad is his best friend.

The day before the release of the video, Kanye reminded everyone in a press conference for Yeezy that when people say it's crass to call yourself a billionaire, I say I might legally change my name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for a year until y'all understand exactly what it is." 

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