Racist CVS Woman is Hollywood Costume Designer, Celebs React


A woman outside of a CVS in LA went on a racial tirade using the n-word and saying she would kill black people if it wasn't illegal to do so.

The tirade was caught on video.

The woman's name is Heather Lynn Patton and she is a costume designer in Hollywood.

Actress Audra McDonald known for her roles on Broadway and in Shonda Rhimes' "Private Practice" wrote on Twitter, Wow. Apparently she worked on Private Practice. I don't remember her but apparently if not for the law she would have killed me and Taye? [Diggs]

Patricia Arquette worked with Heather on the NBC series, Medium, for 2 seasons and wrote, Wow, I'm actually shaking. This was not who she was at all... It's like I'm watching a person that has completely come undone."

Heather wrote an apology on Instagram saying that she had lost her job over the incident and she agrees she should have lost her job.

She said she will not ask for forgiveness because what she did was inhumane and disgusting.


Is intoxication an acceptable excuse for the tirade? Does alcohol bring out your true feelings?

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