Tee Grizzley Grieves His Late Aunt On "Satish" Single

Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley is still grieving his aunt/manager, Jobina Brown, who was shot and killed in a drive-by last month. 

Grizzley has been quiet about the incident other than a few tribute posts on social media but now his speaking out on the new song, “Satish.”

The lyrics are heart-wrenching and show the pain Grizzley has felt with the significant loss.

Tear this b*tch up they gon' say I'm dead wrong / F*ck that, these n*ggas got my auntie with a headstone / N*ggas telling me what they'd do like they smart as me / But they didn't take your heart from you / They took my heart from me. The song is featured on YouTube and Soundcloud. 

Check out the visuals below.

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