Drake Trolls Warriors With Dell Curry's Raptors Jersey

2019 NBA Finals - Game One

Drake is having more fun than ever during this Warriors/Raptors series, regardless of his reputation on the sidelines.

The Scorpion rapper showed up to the first game not falling short of his trolling habits. He wore Steph Curry's father's Toronto jersey, perhaps in hopes of messing with the Warriors' minds.

Dell and Steph's mom Sonya were fairly amused when they noticed his jersey.

After the game finished Drake and Warriors player Draymond Green got into it. Many videos show Drake possibly calling Green trash.

He continued with his trolling game by posting a picture of a piece of lint he found in Steph's hair.


Some people are strong believers in the Drake curse.

Do you think he has the power to make the Raptors win it all?

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