Serena Williams HILARIOUSLY Trolls Kevin Durant After Ashy Legs Incident

Cloud9 Champion's Day With Serena Williams

Photo: Getty Images North America

Serena Williams caught wind of how everyone reacted to Kevin Durant's scaly skin and wanted no parts of the controversy! Williams uploaded a video of her own commenting how "the internet got me shook" after seeing how fans reacted to seeing Durant's skin lacking moisture. The discovery was made as Durant played Cleveland, where fans noticed the stripe between Durants tights and socks was actually his dry skin!

The Internet has been in an uproar ever since! Serena Williams chimed in on the scandal ensuring everyone she was doing everything possible to be sure her skin is moisturized by pulling out the cooking oil spray Pam, doing "everything... anything to not be out here like my boy KD." LMFAOOOO check it out below!

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