RJ Talks The Behind The Scenes Of His New Album At REAL Street Fest 2019!

RJ kicked off REAL Street Fest 2019 by stopping by our Hennessy Lounge and mentioning to DJ Hed and Bootleg Kev that he normally "doesn't drink before a show, but this is a special occasion.

RJ just released his album "On God" a couple days ago and he says the response has been crazy.

He said, "I've done this before, but it was more underground versus now where it's more mainstream so i'm getting that old feeling back."

When it comes to him collaborating with people he says he could collab with anyone because if he vibes with them then he vibes with them.

RJ says he likes to get life experiences from people since we are all different.

If you're wondering if any rappers heard "On God" before the album was released the one person who did was DJ Mustard and he loved it.

RJ recently shot the music video for "Time," but you can also expect videos for "Apartment," "Rat Race," "Bang My Line," and "Money Goals."

However, he did mention that he wants to shoot basically a whole movie for this album and create a video for every song.

For his song "Pretty Bitches," it features his wife Bree Carter who has always been rapper before they met.

The song originally was supposed to have two girl features on the track, but it ended up fitting G-Eazy more.

You can check out the whole interview below:

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