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REAL Street Fest

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Cardi B Reveals She's Recording New Music At REAL Street Fest 2019!

Cardi B had the 2019 REAL Street Fest crowd wildin' the second she hit the stage with "Get Up 10" in her white outfit covered in stars.

You know it's not a Cardi B show unless she's shaking it all around the stage and this time she was swinging her braids around too!

Cardi continued her set by bringing the flames to the stage "Money Bag" before going into "Motorsport" when she brought out a motorcycle that she could dance on.

While Cardi's set was dope at REAL Street Fest, before she hit the stage she was in Big Boy's neighborhood where she revealed that she's working on new music!

She hasn't been in the studio for two months because she wanted to give herself time to rest, but she is completely in the zone now.

Cardi mentions that she's a bit nervous because her first album did so well and she doesn't know how her second album will compare.

Of course, Cardi is a mom now so it's a lot different for her to just go to the studio whenever she wants when she's thinking about her baby Kulture first.

She says Kulture never wants her to leave home!

Cardi B recently left fans divided when she tweeted “People who put their ketchup in their fridge are not to be trusted.”

Fans went off asking her where she puts her ketchup if it’s not the fridge.

She replied “on top of the fridge where it’s nice and room temperature to put on your eggs in the morning.”

She continued saying how just imagining cold ketchup on her eggs pisses her off. She then decided to name other items that make her annoyed if you put it in the fridge including refrigerated pancake syrup and cold hot sauce.

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