How to Twerk Like Megan Thee Stallion at Real Street Fest 2019

It's August 10th and yes, we are still jealous of Megan Thee Stallion's knee caps. One could only dream to have her strength and stamina twerking like that. Like the rest of the internet, you probably saw her under the hashtag #bigolefreakchallenge turning up at a gas station.

Her REAL Street Fest performance was no exception as LA watched her get lit to a few of her hits including Cash Shit, Big Ole Freak, and Running Up Freestyle. So you know we had to break it all down and give you a play by play of megs twerking in case you wanted to get like her too.

Here's what you need to twerk like Megan:


Being a hot girl is not only about the appearance. It's a mentality. It's a lifestyle. If you're going to be a hot girl for the Summer, you'll need the confidence to back that up. Not anyone can just jump on stage and bare their full chaps like that.

Healthy Knees

Run to the store and find a foam roller asap. Weak knees won't cut it, child. If you're anything like me, your knees started cracking once you hit that magical 25 and no - it's not sexy. Peterson step ups will also help get those knees to stallion status.

Sturdy Shoes

Can't be a hot girl on the floor. Get you some comfy shoes to train in. At REAL Street Fest, Meg rocked some boots on stage making sure to keep herself grounded. If you're going to opt for heels - test them out first, break them in and don't hurt yourself.

Stretch your back

I cannot emphasize this enough. You and your spine should be in communication on a daily. STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH. Don't neglect that lower back. Practice some body rolls to start.

Tis' a hot girl summer indeed. Just this week, Meg teamed up with the flute playing Lizzo for their own street rendition of Too Short's, Shake That Monkey. A brown stone never looked so good as Lizzo stood at the top hitting those notes and Meg, being Meg, dropped it low. In the Instagram post, Queen Bey was also tagged leading to a flurry of comments from the beehive on if their Queen was going to make a surprise appearance.

"When Ariel, Ursula and Nala link up @beyonce@theestallion," the caption read. If you look beyond Meg (we know it's tough) then you'll see a statue of a lion to the right. Beyonce does play Nala in Lion Kings new live version of the film after all.

Come to think of it, a Beyonce, Lizzo, and Meg collab might be the track I never knew I needed.