Harold Robinson Foundation: Camp As A Vehicle For Empowerment and Change

In 2009, Joyce and Jeff Robinson, along with David Moss, had a vision to help counter social and economic disparities in South LA by building bridges between student groups through unconventional means – they wanted to send kids to a three-day outdoor camp. This was the beginning of the Harold Robinson Foundation (HRF), where the goal was to bring as many South LA youth to camp as possible.

Through providing the funding and resources of a camp experience, HRF offers a safe and nurturing environment to underprivileged and underserved inner-city children. HRF strives to create a sense of purpose and accomplishment in each individual, while working towards building communities through communication and support for schools and families.

HRF “Camp” is a safe haven where youth can explore their fears and dreams and engage with other children and adults to build trust and self-worth.The mission has grown from the simple hope of allowing youths to experience a camp for a weekend to investing in their futures, communities and families.

Contact The Harold Robinson Foundation:
Website - haroldrobinsonfoundation.org
Email - angela@haroldrobinsonfoundation.org
Phone -  (310) 598-3430

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