A Pablo Escobar Themed Restaurant Garnishes Burgers With What?

photo via getty.

Looking for a good burger in Melbourne, Australia? Stop by the all-new Pablo's Escoburgers, where the meals come with a side of fake 'cocaine'.

The pop up restaurant, named for notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, garnishes its signature Patron Burger with a line of 'cocaine' (garlic powder) and a rolled-up pretend $100 bill. 

However, not everyone is a fan, people have been roasting the restaurant on social media, calling it tasteless.

The restaurant responded by insisting that it does not 'condone, idolise or promote' the real Pablo Escobar, but says they are "Australian and know how to have a laugh about a good play on words".

Nina Chantele

Nina Chantele

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