How To Cool Down Your Hot House!

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With temperatures reaching into the triple digits, you may find it hard to cool down your house, and cranking up the air conditioner isn’t good for your pocket, here are some tips to cool down your home.

Staying hydrated, switching on a fan, and rinsing off in a cold shower are all effective at cooling you down but as for you home try some of these tips:

  1. Close the blinds and curtains.
  2. Keep heat at a minimum by doing these: cooking outside on the grill, unplugging electronics, turning off lights and using natural sunlight.
  3. Changing your sheets, cotton is best for hot Summer nights, you can even put your sheets in the freezer before bed.
  4. Adjust your ceiling fans so that they run counter-clockwise and push the cool air down, remember to turn them off when leaving the room, fans cool people, not rooms.
Nina Chantele

Nina Chantele

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