Customers Smoke Weed, Then Dine and Dash On Bill!

photo via getty.

We've got some criminals on the loose in Memphis!

Police are searching for the group of 16 people who entered a restaurant, smoked weed, and then skipped out on a bill... that was, of course, $420.

According to the restaurant, the large group came in right before closing and ordered the most expensive things on the menu including margaritas and burritos, but no one thought anything of it.

Then the staff noticed an odor coming from the group and realized one of the guys was smoking weed inside the restaurant. When the staff asked the man to stop, he became irate and caused a scene, followed by his entire group walking out of the restaurant one by one, skipping out on their $420 bill. The staff says that the walkout was definitely planned ahead of time.

Nina Chantele

Nina Chantele

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