Florida High School Tries To Tell Women Which Prom Dress Makes Them A 'Good Girl'

So, apparently there are prom dresses which make you a "good girl" and prom dresses that do not... according to a Jacksonville, Florida high school.

Students and parents are infuriated by posters that were hung on a bulletin board in the hallway of Stanton College Preparatory School. Individual pieces of paper with different kinds of prom dresses printed on them are accompanied by the question "Going to Stanton prom?"

If the dress was low-cut or showed some stomach, the sentence "NO YOU'RE NOT" sat below the photo. 

The dress that had the girl completely covered was accompanied by the words "YES YOU ARE. GOOD GIRL."


Both male and female students had an issue with the demeaning nature of the phrase "good girl", as most anyone would.

And in a high school??


Yeah. Not cool

The school seems to defend their decision to post the fliers, with Duval County Public Schools spokeswoman Laureen Ricks saying, “Both students and staff have been informed this was not acceptable or appropriate guidance for prom dress attire."


Read more of the story via Complex.

Nina Chantele

Nina Chantele

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