2 Teens Accused Of Murdering 14-Year-Old Girl Because She Snapchatted Them Too Much

This is wild. 

Two Utah boys have been accused of shooting 14-year-old Deserae Turner in the back of the head and leaving her to die in a canal. 

A report says that their reasoning for murdering Turner was that she kept snapchatting one of the boys too much, and that they wanted to "get rid of her" because they were annoyed, says Sheriff Deputy Brian Groves.

"On February 16, the boys allegedly lured Turner to a canal, shot her in the head, stole her backpack and money, and left her there. She wasn't found for hours," Complex reports.

Messages on social media prove that they'd been planning the murder for weeks, even changing their minds from slitting her throat to the shooting. One of the boys thought the other was just kidding at first, but was eventually convinced that it wouldn't be difficult at all to get rid of her.

Read more of the report HERE.

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Nina Chantele

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