L.A. Witches Planning On Casting A Spell On Donald Trump At Midnight


Today in super weird news...

Witches (yes, witches) across the country are planning to band together to cast a spell on President Trump in order to bind him and anyone else who supports him in order to protect everyone else. 

This all started when a witch who wishes to remain anonymous proposed the idea. It then spread quickly through the occult community and now even has its own Facebook page

“The goal is to bind him and anyone who is supporting him from harming us,” L.A. witch Vicky Adams, and owner of Hollywood occult shop, Panpipes says. “Protecting him from himself, from harming us, from harming our world.”

The spell is to be cast Friday, February 24th at midnight, and witches everywhere will be joining powers. 


Read more of the story via LAMag.com.

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Nina Chantele

Nina Chantele

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