A Man Impersonated Sisqo At NYFW, And Everyone Actually Believed Him


I need to dress up as Beyonce the next time I go to an event...

A 30-year-old man named Gavin Barnes fooled the entire fashion world when he dressed up as Sisqo and headed to New York Fashion Week.

He was dressed in a black and gold Versace suit, a pair of sunglasses, and even had the "Thong Song" singer's signature blonde hairstyle. He was being photographed and everything.

photo via Getty Images

Barnes took advantage of the attention by getting into exclusive events, and even tried to get on a plane to the Caribbean, but was stopped by TSA. 

When they asked for his passport, they found out who he really is...


According to Page Six, Barnes has since denied that he was attempting to impersonate Sisqo, and that his last name isn't even Barnes. 

What is it then, GAVIN??!

This guy just won 2017. Read more via Complex!

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