Actor Jeremy Renner Launches New Music in Jeep Campaign

Actor Jeremy Renner, most recently known as the character Hawkeye in the latest Marvel Avengers series, isn't just an actor. He is also a singer, songwriter and musician that has found another creative outlet for his passions in a summer Jeep campaign.

Recently, Renner found synergy with Fiat/Chrysler's Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Francois who happened to be looking for music that aligned with the authenticity and rugged American attitude associated with Jeeps. Francois thought he was meeting with the Hollywood actor version of Renner, who had done voiceovers for the brand previously, but was surprised to find out he was also a talented musician and had penned some dynamic songs.

To launch the campaign and showcase his music, Renner invited press to his Hollywood Hills home, further evidence that he's a down-to-Earth kind of guy who seems to have a much more relaxed attitude than most box-office megastars.

Renner attributes his focus on music back to his formative years growing up in Modesto, California. He took up drumming, as well as learned how to play piano and guitar and attributes these hobbies to keeping him out of trouble.

"At 14.... I was playing the drums and it kept me out of trouble in a small town. I would take my things out on the drums and have some fun. Then I learned that I wanted to song-write and I'd watch people on piano, so I started playing piano then guitar. Music is a wonderful outlet for me."

While he's proud of the music he is making, he is not clear however if he will take the show on the road.

“I don’t now if the performance part of it is in my near future… it might be. I don't know the answer to that, but I do know I'm always open and willing to things.That’s what I do know for sure. If people want me to play for them, then I’ll consider to play for them. I’m not going to say I’m going to go on tour and people have to come watch me or I’m going to make a movie and you have to come see my movie. It’s not why I go do things... Would I love to do it? Probably. Would I be terrified? Most likely. Would I do it? Yeh probably, but I don't know if it will happen," explains Renner.

Check out Jeremy Renner's new music below.

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