Nominate A Caregiver To Get A Day Off From Caregiver Safe Place


Carletta Cole is on a mission to provide care and special treatment to Los Angeles County caregivers who need a break. She is the founder of Caregiver Safe Place, a nonprofit organization that provides resources and short-term relief for primary caregivers. She knows all about Caregiving 1st hand after mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. At the time, Cole was a single mother wandering through the world of caregiving alone. “A lot of people don’t understand until they’re in that position what caring for an aging parent, a kid with a disability, a traumatic brain injury, or even a veteran is like,” “It’s a hard situation to be put in.” INDEED!!!  

Caregiver Safe Place will host “Runway to Compassion,” a charity fashion show on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at the 501 Broadway Studio, in Santa Monica...., CA, from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm. The event will feature a cocktail reception, silent auction, a fashion show and more! and special tributes to the 2022 Caregiver Safe Place honorees caregiver/author/motivational speaker Dave Nassaney and caregiver/award-winning musician Lucien George aka Bowlegged Lou of Full Force. Funds raised through the event will be used to continue providing caregivers a “Day Off.” Caregiver stress is the physical and emotional strain from continuous care for another person. When this stress is prolonged, it can cause serious physical and mental health problems for those providing the care. Caregiver stress may be the precursor to more severe caregiver burnout. 

Every day, 40 million people assist others with their daily tasks. 

Caregivers are our friends, neighbors, and relatives who assist their parents, grandparents, or neighbors with various activities including dressing, bathing, cooking, shopping, and taking medication. The respective financial impact of the unpaid labor from family caregivers is estimated at $470 billion per year. Family caregivers are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and chronic illness than non-caregivers.   

For more information and to purchase event tickets about Runway to Compassion, visit 

About Caregiver Safe Place: 

Caregiver Safe Place is a 501 (c )(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2019 to provide relief for caregivers who dedicate their lives to the full-time care of their loved ones. For more information, visit 

Caregiver Safe Place's Runway to Compassion - 

Aired August 14, 2022: Lisa Foxx interviewed Caregiver Safe Place Founder Carletta Cole...Carletta shared her personal story about life as her Mom's caregiver, an EXTREMELY tough 'job' that many family members end up taking on. Carletta's organization was started to help caregivers better navigate the system, gain a support group, learn how to get compensation that is owed to them AND help caregivers get an actual 'day off' to do something for themselves, while knowing their loved one will be in great hands for the day. 🙂 

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