Did You Know Hip-Hop Turns 45 Today?

Kool Herc’s party in 1973 on this day is an event that is considered to be the beginning of Hip Hop.

Originally the party was an end of the Summer party on 1520 Sedgwick Ave in New York City, but it ended up being one of the most important musical phenomenon of the century, according to The Source.

Cindy Campbell came up with the idea for the party in order to make some money to go school shopping at the Lower East Side boutiques. She decided to grow the back-to-school party in the recreation room of her Bronx apartment building and booked her 16-year-old brother Clive aka DJ Kool Herc for the event.

Campbell used hand-drawn index flashcards with “A Kool Herc Party” written on them as fliers. It was a $.25 cover for the ladies and $.50 for the gents. When the night of the event came, 300 people arrived to party and have a good time.


After this night, DJ Kool Herc became a name widely known in the New York DJ scene. Herc gained attention for playing “funk and soul cuts ranging from The Jimmy Caster Bunch to live James Brown to keep the energy electrifying and the people moving. It was the first of it’s kind, an underground alternative to the disco world created by and for the inner city,” according to The Source.

Because of this party, Kool Herc created a whole other universe where break dancing, graffiti, scratching, and rapping were born. Fans can catch Herc next month September 6-9 at the 5th Annual Source 360!

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