21 Savage Thinks All Atlanta Rappers Are "Hoes"


21 Savage is definitely the one to say whatever he wants, when he feels like it.

On Thursday (June 14), the rapper jumped on Instagram Live and declared all Atlanta rappers are “hoes.”

“To keep it all the way one thousand, bruh, all these Atlanta rappers some b**ch ass n**gas,” he said. “I ain’t even gonna lie. Hoes. All of em hoes, one hundred percent. Straight up. I say that in the humblest way. You n**gas some b**ches man. Sh*t been crazy. I’m tired of this sh*t. It’s getting out of hand.”

“I done seen some sh*t in these past couple months that I’ve never seen in my life,” he continued. “What do y’all n**gas stand for? Do y’all n**gas have any type of morals or codes about the way y’all live?

“It’s like y’all n**gas don’t give a f*ck about nothin’ but Balenciaga shoes. That’s all y’all n**gas care about. Balenciaga shoes, nice cars and a muthaf*ckin’ condo … y’all n**gas don’t stand for shit.

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