Cozz Shares 'Bout It' Video

Disrupting a local talk show with his grounded honesty, Cozz loudly proclaims his individuality on "Bout It," his latest video.

Boasting a vibrant guest appearance from rap-n-b riser Garren, "Bout It" is a soulful manifesto, stressing the importance of keeping it real as you grow more successful:


"Actin' like you showin' love, but I doubt it/By these snakes, I'm surrounded/And I really feel some type of way about it/I never crack, always stay grounded/But I know you not a thousand/And I really feel some type of way about it," he raps.

Throughout the video, the Dreamville emcee deals with fame-hungry wannabes, disgruntled TV executives, and star-struck fans as he navigates his newfound celebrity.

Press play and watch Cozz' visual for "Bout It" above.

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