Sony Playstation Plus Games For August 2019

August is here! Well, not officially but close enough for Sony to reveal the Playstation Plus lineup for free games. Playstation Plus will offer up 2 games but one is a collection so the grand total of games for August 2019 is...4!!!

The first game up is Rebellion Development's 'Sniper Elite 4'. It is a 3rd person shooter that allows players to scout out environments in order to get that one shot kill.

It features single player and an online co-op where you can compete in 12 player multiplayer modes.

The next game...or should I say 'games' up for grabs for August 2019 is Wipeout Omega Collection.

The collection includes 3 games: Wipeout 2048, Wipeout HD, and Wipeout HD Fury. It is a innovative game that was developed by Sony studios. Players race around sci-fi inspired tracks at high speeds.

In 2017, Wipeout Omega Collection added Playstation VR support for every track in the collection!

Both of these games should give you something to do before we are hit with the onslaught of big name AAA titles in a little under 6 weeks from now.

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