5th Graders Hospitalized After Eating Weed Gummies

Stack of edible cannabis gummies in rainbow light

Photo: Getty Images

Two kids, both ages 11, were taken to the hospital this week for eating THC-infused gummies at their elementary school in Michigan.

According to FOX 2 Detroit, this all went down on Monday at Grand River Academy in Livonia, which funny enough happens to be the same EXACT school where a kindergartner just shared margaritas with the kids in their class.

The mother of one of the fifth-grade students, Krystle Hall, wrote about what happened on a long Facebook post, saying that her kid took the gummy from his friend, then writing that her son had no idea it had THC in it.

“From my understanding, the [other] boy asked my son ‘Do you want a piece of candy?’ and my son said yes,” she said, per Metro Times. “The boys broke the gummy in half, and a couple of hours later my son began to feel sick. He told the teacher that he didn’t feel good and she took him to the office. They questioned him, and when he told them he ate a gummy, they asked where he got it from. When they returned to the class to check, that’s when they found out he had a THC gummy.”

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