Non Vaxxers Paying COVID Positive People for Dinner and COVID Infection

People with placards and posters on public demonstration, no covid vaccine concept.

Photo: Getty Images

Italy announced a new vaccine mandate making everyone over age 50 to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or possibly pay big fines and even get fired from their jobs.

Italy has paid a large price with lockdowns that have done nothing but cripple the economy and the deaths of more than 140,000 people. Vaccine mandates is what they feel they need to do to move forward, but a small number of people continue to fight it.

The only other thing you can do to not get vaccinated is to get COVID 19 and recover from it, which must be registered on a person’s national health card.

“I am urgently looking for a positive and I am willing to pay,” one desperate anti-vaxxer wrote, according to Italian police who are cracking down on the clandestine COVID meetups and other scams ahead of the Feb. 1 deadline for the over-50 vaccine mandate.

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast

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