Trump Hangs Up On Reporter For Asking About His False 2020 Election Claims


Photo: Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump hung up on an interview with an NPR reporter who asked him about his non stop lies that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

The interview took place yesterday, with veteran journalist Steve Inskeep after six straight years of Trump and his team declining NPR’s requests for a one-on-one discussion they finally got one, but it was short lived.

They had agreed to speak for 15 minutes, a transcript of the interview shows. But not to long after the nine-minute mark, Trump of course ended the phone call — just as Inskeep started to ask about the deadly invasion of the Capitol last year by a mob of Trump’s supporters.

Inskeep started the interview with a question about the pandemic, asking Trump what advice he would give to unvaccinated Americans, who are significantly more likely to lean Republican than Democratic.

Trump initially, took the opportunity to first attack the Biden administration’s vaccine requirements and then spoke of alternative Covid therapeutics, rather than encourage the unvaccinated to get inoculated.

Pressed to respond, Trump said: “I recommend taking them, but I think that has to be an individual choice. I mean, it’s got to be individual, but I recommend taking them.”

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