Travis Scott Sued For Allegedly Stealing Album Art

Mickaël Mehala aka Black Childish is suing Travis for allegedly stealing his original artwork for the album “Travis La Flame.” The album cover has even been used on Travis’ YouTube page and Tidal page. Mehala says he's the one who actually created this piece himself back in 2015 and DM'd it to Travis via Instagram in 2016, the same year ‘La Flame’ dropped.

Mehala said he showed him the artwork so that Travis would share it with his fans but says Travis never got back to him. but then he saw his art displayed front and center when ‘La Flame’ dropped, which was big news at the time. Mehala said once he found out that his artwork was used, he blew up Travis and his management team about the issue, but instead of hearing back from them he heard from Travis's attorneys in the summer of 2019. He says the lawyer told him Travis didn't know he was using art belonging to anyone. The lawsuit does state that the artwork has since been removed from multiple platforms carrying ‘La Flame,’ but Mehala still wants to take Travis to court, TMZ reports.

Mehala is suing Travis for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and for sole control of his centaur moving forward.


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