Mom Kicked Out Of Church For Sneaking In Some Devils Lettuce

Blurred interior of the church

Photo: Getty Images

An Oklahoma mom by the name of Ashley got the boot from a Church service for trying to smuggle weed inside, when really it was just some cilantro for her Menudo.

The whole strange ordeal was caught on camera by Ashley at the Redemption United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City on Monday. She was pressed by church members over her "weed", with the TikTok video already up to 3.5million views.

“You have to leave now. You have to leave now,” one of the women repeatedly orders, ushering her out of the church.
“Y’all are people of God and you’re gonna do that to me?” Ashely protests.
“You’re gonna bring drugs in here?” the woman fires back.
“That’s cilantro! That’s for the food! That’s for the menudo!” Ashley insists. “That’s not weed! Smell it, I promise you!”

No matter what she said the church members were not listening to her and they just continued to tell her to leave th church. Finally the pastor himself stops the sermon and intervenes, attempting to calm down the situation.

"I'm not like that," she says, finally breaking into tears. "I bring my daughter here all the time, why would I do that?"
"The f--king nerve, they've no clue" she then snaps in Spanish.

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