Gorilla Glue Girl Records A Rap Song About Her Ordeal

glue drops

Photo: Getty Images

'Gorilla Glue Girl' is back at it again but this time she's rapping about it and getting it produced. Don' worry, Nicki Minaj will not be taking any part of this.

Tessica Brown is coming out with her very own track, remixing snippets from her original viral TikTok video, and she will be adding rap lyrics. It's called "Ma Hair," and it's set to come out tomorrow.

Her manager, Gina Rodriguez, says Tessica recorded it in Hollywood last month, and the track was put together by independent music producer/engineer Phil Valley. Apparently, Tessica wrote this jam all by herself ... and it's the first time she's ever rapped.

Tessica is doing this to reclaim her voice for her own reasons and thought this would be a cool way to do it.

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