Amazon Employees Snooped On Kanye West And 'Avengers' Actors Purchases

A former Amazon service employee who wanted to be anonymous, told Wired that he had seen his ex colleagues look up the shopping history of musician Kanye West, as well as of unnamed stars of Marvel's "Avengers" movies. He also stated that some colleagues viewed the shopping history of an unnamed celebrity who had purchased dildos.

Other Amazon employees told Wired they have known other colleagues to use their access to customer data to snoop on ex's. 

"Everybody, everybody did it," a former customer service manager told Wired.
An Amazon spokesperson refuted the idea that the practice was widespread, telling Wired: "We strongly reject the notion that abuse of these privileges is 'common.'"
Wireds report, which is based on interviews with former employees as well as memos and internal documents from 2015 to 2018, paints a picture of a data architecture so sprawling that Amazon had no handle on security. Gary Gagnon, who was vice president of Amazon's information security team in 2017, told Wired that when he arrived Amazon's security systems were "shocking."

So, here's to hopin ya'll don't have ex's that work at Amazon!

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Photo: Getty Images

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