US Marshals Ask Dodgers Fans To Help Find A Fugitive

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs

Photo: Getty Images

US Marshals are asking for the public’s help to identify a 23-year manhunt for John Ruffo, a swindler who fled in 1998 after being convicted in Virginia of a $353 million bank fraud. The continuing manhunt for Ruffo is the main topic of season 2 of the ABC News podcast, "Have You Seen This Man."

Carmine Pascale, of New Hampshire, was watching the Dodgers-Red Sox game on T.V on Aug. 5, 2016, when he said he saw a face seated four rows behind home plate, who looked a lot like his cousin, John Ruffo.

“I'm watching and right behind home plate, they did a close up of the batter and there's Johnny. And I said, "Holy Christ, there he is," said Pascale, a cousin who last saw Ruffo after his arrest in 1998. “And I immediately called the Marshals. I froze the frame, kept it right in front of me.”

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