Nick Cannon Vows to Finish Nipsey Hussle’s Work: “They Can’t Kill Us All!”

Like many celebrities, Nick Cannon took to his Instagram to share his feelings about the loss of rapper Nipsey Hussle.

He wrote, it's a marathon, so I'm picking up the baton.They can't kill us all...your message is my message. Your work is my work. Your voice will never be silenced.

The work that Nick is referring to is the work Nipsey was doing in his community as well as the work he was doing on the documentary for Dr.Sebi.

Dr Sebi is the doctor that rapper Left Eye went to see when she got in a fatal car accident. Dr. Sebi, who is now deceased, was believed to have the cure for AIDS.

Some people believe that the government killed Dr.Sebi in an effort to continue to profit off of AIDS.Those same people believe that because of the work Nipsey was doing on the documentary that he too was killed by the government.

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