Nas’ Jay-Z Diss Record Originally Featured Lyrics About Aaliyah

Large Professor, a producer for Nas, was recently interviewed by Vlad TV.

During the interview the diss track 'Ether' came up and he said that the song originally included a lyric about Aaliyah.

Sorry Aaliyah/I'm sorry it was you in the plane crash/It should've been Jay...Dame Dash.

He also shared that there was another version of 'Ether' that was produced by Swizz Beats. The version we all know was produced by Ron Browz.

Large Professor said that he felt the music of Jay-Z's 'Takeover' was better than 'Ether'

Large Professor wrote 3 of the 10 songs on Nas' Illmatic.

Where does Ether and Takeover rank in your opinion of best diss records? Between Nas and Jay-Z, who won the battle?

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