A Flamin' Hot Cheetos Movie Directed By Eva Longoria Is Coming Soon

Eva Longoria is moving forward to direct a documentary about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos creator, Richard Montañez, a janitor turned PepsiCo executive, after he created the popular snack. 

Montañez has become a role model for Latino entrepreneurs, in his book “A Boy, A Burrito, and a Cookie,” Montañez described his embarrassment in 3rd grade when his mother packed a burrito for lunch, after asking his mom for a bologna sandwich & cupcake, she instead sent him with two burritos, which he later began selling for .25. 

Montañez, a dropout, continued to foster his entrepreneurial spirit and eventually came up with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. 

Montañez, now a best-selling author and motivational speaker says, “Don’t take your position for granted, regardless of what that position may be.”

A production date for the documentary has yet to be released. 

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