Ice Cube Wants New "Friday" To Come Out On Film's 25th Anniversary

Ice Cube wants to mark the historic 25th anniversary of his movie classic Friday by releasing the latest installment of the film.

Cube told ESPN that it would be great if Last Friday was released on April 20th, 2020. Yes, 4/20/20.

He said, "We are pushing for it, we finished the script, we are getting notes from the studio and it's going back and forth. We're gonna get into pre-production and start hiring. It would be nice for this to come out on the 25th anniversary." 

The question a lot of people are asking is whether Chris Tucker would return to play Smokey. Tucker previously said, "If it comes together right, I'm definitely gonna look at it and see if it works. Cause I never say never; I definitely want to check it out. If it works, it's a possibility."



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