T.I. Hopes That “One Day” Nicki Minaj & Cardi B Can Collaborate

T.I. believes there is room for more than one queen of hip hop.

Ironically in the Trap Museum, there is a throne that is painted one half Nicki and the other half with Cardi's image. T.I. was recently on his Instagram Live speaking with a woman when she noted that both Cardi and Nicki are "both dope."

"That's what I think! And I think they can both co-exist. I don't think nothing Cardi do can interrupt nothing Nicki does and nothing Nicki do can interrupt...you know what I mean," T.I. responded.

The woman suggested that maybe Cardi and Nicki can collaborate on a track together. T.I. told her "one day...one step at a time."



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