Kevin Hart Didn't Bet on NBA Playoffs With Drake Because He Doesn't Pay Up

It's no secret that Drake is a die-hard Toronto Raptors fan and that Kevin Hart roots for the Philadelphia 76ers. The two teams met in the second round of the NBA Playoffs a few weeks ago and Toronto won in a 7-game series.

Hart was obviously not happy about the 76ers loss and went on to even blame Drake for the loss.

On Live With Kelly and Ryan, Hart said, "There was a tremendous amount of back-and-forth that we had, you know he wanted to bet on a series and I was like, 'I'm not gonna bet you 'cause you don't pay, you don't pay your debts.'"

Hart continued saying, "I think my frustration from the past is probably what brought some of his negativity into the series, because if I had a bet we probably would have won. But because I didn't bet he reversed me, he hit me with a reverse whoo, basically."

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