Allen Hughes Makes Deal With 2Pac Estate For 5-Part Tupac Docuseries

Director Allen Hughes inked a deal with the estate of Tupac Shakur for a 5-part documentary on the rappers life.

This will be Hughes follow-up to his successful HBO Documentary,The Defiant Ones, which featured Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

Apparently this documentary will be the firs to have full cooperation and support from the Shakur estate, which gave Hughes access to all of Tupac’s unreleased songs, poetry, and writings.

Hughes and Pac had worked alongside each other in the past. In 90's Hughes directed a video, along with his brother Albert Hughes, for the song "Brenda’s Got a Baby."

You also might remember the name Allen Hughes because he was once assaulted by Tupac in 1993 after the rapper lost the role of “Shariff” in the movie, Menace II Society, Pac was convicted of assault and battery.

What do you think of Allen Hughes making a documentary on Tupac?

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