Cardi B. Warns Single Moms 'Don't Leave Kids With Your Boyfriend'

Cardi B tweeted out a plea to single mothers asking them to think twice when wanting to leave their kids with their boyfriends.

“Dear Moms, I know it’s hard to find good babysitters you can trust (I still don’t have one) and I know sometimes the money isn’t there but PLEASE STOP leaving ya kids with your boyfriends! The devil is manipulating their minds especially when they are needy of attention,” tweeted Cardi.

While she didn't exactly explain what sparked her concern she did add another PSA in a follow up tweet. Cardi urged mothers to ditch their boyfriends if they can't trust them around their children. She wrote, "this is not a f***ing fairytale love story get rid of him," and well, who can debate that.


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