Arrest Warrant Issued for Offset After Phone Smacking Incident

A warrant has been issued for Offset after an incident last week at a Target in Georgia.

Apparently a fan named Junior Gibbons tried to get a video of Offset while shopping and Offset was not feeling it. I don't blame him! You have to have to respect peoples boundaries and personal space, regardless of whether or not they are a celebrity.

After Gibbons said, "What's up, Offset?", Offset said, "Get the f**k out of my face" and smacked the phone out of Gibbons' hand.

Gibbons filed a report last Friday because the screen on his phone was cracked. Since there was over $800 in damages, it is considered a damage to property felony in the state of Georgia.

According to several reports, police are saying that Offset's actions were intentional.



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