T-Pain Says He's Doing 'T-Wayne Part 2' Project With Lil Wayne

Remember T-Pain and Lil Wayne’s collab album,T-Wayne?

Well it looks like the two new artists are back at it for T-Wayne 2. "We're definitely about to do aT-Wayne 2, no question," Pain said in a recent interview. "I got a ton of hooks lined up already that I’m about to send Wayne, and that's just how we do it."

Pain recalled releasing T-Wayne as Lil Wayne was in a long battle with Cash Money over royalties and he wasn’t able to release any music, “I’m like, 'Bro, I’ll take it. Tell them to sue me! I was willing to take whatever I was gonna get for that. That was my contribution to the music industry."

T-Pain is on a roll right now, after being named the winner ofThe Masked Singer, Pain released his first album in two years,UP!

It seems likeT-Wayne 2 will get the proper attention that it deserves since both T-Pain and Lil Wayne are in better places.



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