BlocBoy JB Suing Fortnite Over “Shoot” Dance

Rapper BlocBoy JB has joined the list of performers suing the creators of the popular game Fortnite for stealing his "shoot" dance. 

He considered a lawsuit back in December and has now pulled the trigger suing Epic Games for stealing his dance and renaming it the "hype" dance in the game. 

BlocBoy has never copywritten his dance, but according to the lawsuit, he says he's the originator of the dance and Epic never got his permission to use the dance for their game. 

Epic Games has reportedly made over $3 billion in profits from "Fortnite," but have been sued by Alfonso Ribiero, Backpack Kid, 2 Milly, and Orange Shirt Kid for allegedly stealing their dance moves. 

Do you think that these people will get money from Epic Games? 


Thumbnail via Getty Images



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